Friday July 6th

You know those hamstrings on the back of your legs. Lets go ahead and get those warmed up
800 meter slow run
20 Weighted good mornings
20 Light, light light deadlifts



If you are not comfortable maxing out, go for a 3 rep max and we can get a good idea of your regular max.
5@50%, 5@60%, 3@75%, 3@85% Then start your singles until you max out.


For time:
12 muscle-ups
Run 800 meters
9 muscle-ups
Run 400 meters
6 muscle-ups
Run 200 meters

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Tips and Scaling:
CrossFit WOD 171214 Tips and Scaling With Rory McKernan
The Strict Muscle-Up
Muscle-Up Transition

Scaling- The first scale would be to go to bar muscle ups 1:1
Next scaling would be:
24 Pull ups, 24 dips (both can be assisted if necessary)
Run 800M
20 Pull ups, 24 dips
Run 400m
16 Pull ups, 16 dips