Saturday July 31st

The 45 minutes triathlon
0 Transition time between machines
teams of 2, switch when you want
15 Minutes bike
15 Minutes row
15 Minutes ski

Score is total cals

Saturday 9 am, no 10 am for summer.

In Teams of 4 with no more than 3 athletes working at once:

For Time
200 Double DB Squat Cleans 50s/35s
300 Burpees
Run 4 Miles
40 Minute Cap

Split how want. 3 people can be working at once. Don’t all need to be working on the same thing. going to take some strategy. 4 Miles can be split up into intervals. Minimum interval will be 400m. so if you broke it up into 400s that would 16 – 400’s. Keep track of your reps and runs and communicate.

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