Saturday July 11th


Saturday July 11th

Endurance- 8am
Run 5k. Time to test this out. Lets see if we can a lot of people out for this

9am wod will be done outside. There is a mini weightlifting seminar going on inside. 9am wod is slightly different than 10 am. its double dumbbells instead of barbell.. or if you want to go up on the outdoor area platform use a barbell.

10am wod
Part 1
21 Minutes Amrap
1 Round of DT 135/95
50 Doubles
15/12 Bike or rower cal

DT round is
12 deadlifts
9 Hang cleans
6 push jerks

Part 2- Cool down, athletes choice. 100 cals on a bike or rower at a moderate pace