Saturday January 13th

8am Endurance-
Teams of 3-40 Minute Amrap
Teams will work through the 3 machines completing 60 Calories on each machine, splitting the cals how they want, before moving to the next machine
At 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35 minutes mark all the teammates will stop and complete 20 sand bag cleans and 20 burpees, in that order, split how they want. only 1 partner works at a time.
You are shooting for under a minute on the sandbags and under a minute on the burpees. we can adjust the number for each team.

9am CrossFit- There are 2 wods, one is below the video.
Coaches choice warm up
Toes Shoes To Bar
3 Min Max Cal Row Buy In 
Both athletes split the row and may change out as they need. 
9 Minute AMRAP 
10 Thrusters (Can be split between partners)
10 Toes to Bar (Can be split between partners)
10 Synchro Lateral Bar Over Burpees

Partner wod
Amrap 14 Minutes- split how you want
30 power cleans 155/115
20 Shoulder to over head
10 Muscle ups, ring or bar, burpee pull up for a sub