Saturday February 26th


Saturday February 26th

8am endurance
Remember this one…. nice steady pace
Teams of 3. all partners working at the same time. if we have more than 24 people we will switch it up a little bit.
1 person will be on every machine
13 minutes at ski, row, bike…
**if we have more than 24 people we will do teams of 4 and spend 10 Minutes at each station plus add a 10 min run

Solo Saturday at 9am

Warm up
Straight Through
20 A-Frame Toe Touches
20 Lunge and Reach
10 Inchworm + Push Ups
20/16 Calorie Row/Ski


AMRAP 3 Minutes x 6
5 Wall Walks
25 KB Swings 53/35lbs
Max Calorie Row or Ski in remaining time
Rest 3:00 Score is total calories.


  • Wall Walk: Should not exceed roughly :60 to complete, or the number should be reduced to 3 or 4 reps (or use the Open standard scaling option).
  • KB Swing: Should be 1-2 sets, ideally 1.
  • Row: Skiing works as well, but we are trying to maintain some level of grip/upper body element. Burpees also do nicely.

Coach Focus: One round alone will not provide the muscular overload stimulus, but the compounding effect of six rounds will. Coaches should ensure that the dosage is appropriate so that athletes can push though a bigger set of wall walks and rowers while still leaving 1+ minute on the clock for machine calories