Saturday February 10th

Let’s fill the gym!!! Great turnouts for Saturdays lately!!! Be part of the fun. Don’t be the one that says “I wish I was there last Saturday”

Challenge competitors. Be sure to stop out and weigh in if you haven’t. 8am until 11ish.

8am Endurance
8×400.. 2:00 minute rest between. Do these on the post office road. make them the best 400’s ever. you have two minute breaks. get recovered and go!

9am Mobility with Amanda. The class you NEED to take but are trying to avoid!

10am- Partner chipper- Get your bar ready before the wod 35 minute cap
Row 1000M
Run 900? with med ball
80 Deadlifts 135/95
70 wall balls 30/20
60 Cleans 135/95 (this will take awhile, pace accordingly)
50 Walking lunge (25 each.. this is your break.. enjoy it)
40 Shoulder to overhead 135/95
30 yard sled push AHAP
20  OHS 135/95 (Sub out front squats if you can not OHS)
10 Man Makers!!!!!