Saturday December 4th

8am Teams of 5!
waterfall style workout, we are adding a burpees station though
1 minute Ski
1 Minutes bike
1 Minute row
1 Minute burpees
1 Minutes rest

Teammate 1 starts on ski.. after one minute moves to the bike, then teammate 2 starts on the ski.. and so on. This is easier to explain in person. score is total cals and total burpees


For Time
400m Burden Run
40 Double DB Front Squats
300m Burden Run
30 Double DB Squat Cleans
200m Burden Run
20 Double DB Thrusters

Use 1 50/35lb DB for the Burden Run, carried anyhow.
Use 2 50/35lb DBs for the Front Squats, Squat cleans, and Thrusters.

Whats burden run.. its a run with a burden.. the burden in this case is a dumbbell.