Saturday August 21st

8am Endurance- Partners
Lets mix the burpees into the workout rather than having a separate station for them

1 Round (10 Minutes per station) Try to pair up with someone who rows.bikes, skis, just about the same pace you do

Station 1
10 Minutes Ski switching every 10 cals
*3 burpees each on every switch

Station 2
10 Minutes row switching every 10 cals
*3 burpees each every switch

Station 3
10 Minutes bike switching every 10 cals
*3 burpees each every switch

Station 4
10 Minutes of running 300’s, you go i go
3 burpees each after every switch

**No transition time between stations.
***not everyone will start on the same station, this is not a crisis.

Wod 9am
AMRAP 20 Minutes, Teams of 3, Waterfall style
10/8 Calorie Ski
8 GHD Sit Ups Or 8 unbroken toes to bar or 10 sit ups
6 DB Power Cleans 70/50lbs
P1 starts their next round when P3 finishes their round
What that means is the whole team gets through round before partner one goes again.
So partner 1 starts on the ski, then moves to GHD (or sits ups) as soon as they are off the ski Partner 2 can jump on the ski… as soon as partner 2 is off the ski, 3 can jump on the ski… partner one rests until partner 3 finishes the power clean.

Scaling is very important on this, each round should take a little over a minute per person. Pick the movements/weights that allow you to move through this unbroken or it will hold up the flow of the workout.