Friday August 20th

3 Rounds
:10 Calorie AAB SPRINT
Accumulate 10-15 slow air squats as “rest” between bike sprints.
Build to workout weight thruster weight
4-3-2 FAST
BBJO (at workout height) Thruster (at workout weight)

Wod. This is going to hurt. Another lesson in scaling today. Read carefully
For Time
Every 6 Minutes for 24 Minutes
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″
15 Thrusters 100/70lbs
4 scores, one from each interval… but your score you put in zen planner is your SLOWEST interval.


  • BBJO: Scale reps if it will take an athlete more than 1-1:15 to complete the burpees. Scale box height before reps.
  • Thrusters: 1-2 Sets, but first couple rounds should be unbroken.

Coach Focus: This workout is intended to be 4 extremely high intensity intervals where athletes really push their BBJO pace and immediately pick up their barbell for an unbroken set of 15 thrusters. This means BBJO number needs to a number an athlete can move fast through for all 15 reps each round, and a barbell weight they have a realistic chance of doing unbroken. Only athletes who have the capacity to really push the pace should do this workout as prescribed, with most needing some modification to maintain the intensity and stimulus we want. When in doubt, go lighter and make athletes sprint