Saturday August 20th

8am Endurance
Teams of 2

Last week we ran! This week we get some machines out AND RUN!
Wod 1-
20 Minute amrap
Run 800m together
with time remaining max calories on whatever machine you pick-one partner working at a time on the machine. switch out when wanted 5 burpees from both partners on every switch
Rest 5 Minutes
Wod 2- 20 minutes
Run 800 togehter
with time remaining max calories on a DIFFERENT machine than you used for wod 1. one partner working at a time on the machine, switch out whenever you want. 5 burpees when you switch

*Claim your machine BEFORE you start and thats the one you use when you get in, don’t decide to switch halfway through your run and take someone else’s machine

9am CrossFit
Warm up
Straight through with partner 200m run
100’ Walking Lunge Steps
20 Synchro KBS
Ring Rows (split)
20 Synchro KBS
50’ KB Lunge Steps
200m run

With a Partner, for time:
Run 1000m (together) The 4th Driveway on Byrd street on the left
100 KB Lunges 70/53lbs (split) 1
00 KB Swings 70/53lbs (split)
50 Muscle Ups (split)
100 KB Swings 70/53lbs (split)
100 KB Lunges 70/53lbs (split)
Run 1000m (together)
32 minute cap
KB may be held anyhow on the lunging. It one Kb.