Saturday August 15th

8am endurance
3000M row
Every 500m including the very beginning and the end stop rowing and do
5 burpees
400 run
5 bupees

Bike version
175/150 Cal Bike
Every 25 cals stop and do the burpees run.

9am and 10am

3 rounds for time of:
25 Thrusters, 45/35 lbs (empty bar, make it quick)
5 Ring Muscle-ups (or 5 pull ups and 5 dips)

Rest 5

3 rounds for time of:
10 Hang Power Cleans, 155/105 lbs
10 Bar Facing Burpees
Handstand Walk, 25 feet (sub 10 hand stand push ups or 10 DB presses)
*try to a lane across the back of the gym for handstand walks.. one person go at time, stay apart

Rest 5

5 rounds for time of:
10 c;als bike or rower
10 Knees-to-elbows