Saturday April 9th

We need some running in our lives
Teams of 4- 40 Minute amrap 2 scores (rounds and calories)
waterfall style-ish
Partner 1 starts with a 400m run
Partner 2 starts on Rower
Partner 3 starts bike
Partner 4 starts with a rest

At 3….2….1… the 3 working partner start (4th person is lucky, they get to start late)
Switching is not a set time today, its when the person gets back from the run
Runner goes to rower, rower goes to bike, bike goes to rest, rester goes to run.

9am warm up
2:00 Machine
1:00 Lateral Box Step Overs unweighted
1:30 Machine
1:00 Single DB Box Step Overs
1:00 Machine
:30 Double DB Box Step Overs
:30 Machine *Increase intensity on Machine from a Forever Pace to Reach Pace across the whole warmup.


AMRAP 2 Minutes x 10
10 Double DB Box Step Overs 50s/35s to 24/20″
Max Machine Calories in remaining time
Rest 1:00 Any machine may be utilized, but athletes may not use the same machine in back to back rounds. Score is calories completed.

Feel: Gas

Pacing: Reach

Target Score: 150/100+ Calories

Firebreather Score: 200/150+ Calories


  • Box Step Over: Should be 1 set and not exceed 1 minute of work in any round. Reduce DB weight and/or box height before reducing reps.
  • Machine: Any machine may be used. If machines are not available, perform max burpees in remaining time. To keep athletes engaged, allow them to rotate through various machines throughout the workout if desired.

Coach Focus: We are looking for athletes to always have 1 minute on the machine each round. Coaches should strategically set up their athlete’s work space so they do not need to travel far to get to their machine. Coaches should tell their athletes to use their rest period to record their calories, hydrate and prepare for the subsequent round.

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