Saturday April 11th


Saturday April 11th

Endurance. Run or run/walk for 45 minutes. fast or slow, post distance to facebook page.

8:30am Join Tanya here on here facebook page for some yoga.

Run 5 minutes then 3 rounds
5 light cleans to get ready for the workout
7 push ups.


“Double Elizabeth” Dumbbell version
For Time: (Go FAST on this one 🙂
DB Power Cleans 50/35 *alternate if you just have one DB
Dips (Off of a box or something about 20” off the ground. You can put
the DB on your lap for added weight.) *If you have rings or a bar for
the dips, use it!

Rest 5min. (Repeat in reverse order… 9, 15, 21)


Extra Credit:
3 Rounds For Time:
20 DB Russian Twists with DB
40 Sit-Ups with foot anchored around the DB to go faster
60 Double Unders or singles or jumping jacks

Barbell Version
Power cleans
Dips off a bar, rings, chair, anything.

Rest 5 minutes and complete in reverse order