Monday September 5th

Monday 9/5 LABOR DAY 5,6,9, and 10 am classes only

Warm Up

2-minute row

Followed by coach lead barbell/skills warm up

3 Clean high pull from power position

5 Air squats

3 Cleans for Power Position

5 Air Squats

3 Hang Cleans

5 Ring Rows

5 Cleans

5 Ring Rows

*Add weight and warm up to WOD weight

:15 WOD

Hotshots 19

6 Rounds for Time

30 Air Squats
19 Power Cleans (135/95 lb)
7 Strict Pull-Ups
400-meter Run

Target score: 30 min

40 Minute cap to avoid injury.

This Hero WOD is long and high volume.

Scaling Options:

Intermediate Option:

6 rounds for time of:
30 squats
19 power cleans
7 pull-ups
Run 400 meters

Men: 115-lb. clean
Women: 75-lb. clean

Beginner Option

4 rounds for time of:
15 squats
10 power cleans
5 ring rows
Run 400 meters

Men: 75-lb. clean
Women: 55-lb. Clean

:55 Cool Down


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