Monday November 8th

Did you eat your Wheaties?
It’s deadlift retest day.
We’ve been hitting some pretty heavy percentages the past few weeks so you might have already hit a PR and thats a win. Today is your last shot to go for it.

15 Banded Good Mornings
Russian KB Swings
Empty Bar deadlifts
Row Calories @ Moderate Pace

Lifting Retest
Start around 60% and add weight each set, finding a new 1RM.
Athletes may perform additional singles as needed

4 Sets for Quality
20 Double KB Sumo Deadlifts
10-40 GHD Sit Ups
**Absolutely DO NOT do more than 10 per round if you havent been on this machine or havent been on a while. There is a myth that this is a magic ab machine. Yes, it will make your core stronger, but abs are made in the kitchen.