Monday November 8th


Monday November 8th

Did you eat your Wheaties?
It’s deadlift retest day.
We’ve been hitting some pretty heavy percentages the past few weeks so you might have already hit a PR and thats a win. Today is your last shot to go for it.

15 Banded Good Mornings
Russian KB Swings
Empty Bar deadlifts
Row Calories @ Moderate Pace

Lifting Retest
Start around 60% and add weight each set, finding a new 1RM.
Athletes may perform additional singles as needed

4 Sets for Quality
20 Double KB Sumo Deadlifts
10-40 GHD Sit Ups
**Absolutely DO NOT do more than 10 per round if you havent been on this machine or havent been on a while. There is a myth that this is a magic ab machine. Yes, it will make your core stronger, but abs are made in the kitchen.