Monday November 7th

Monday 11/7

Warm Up

 Barbell Positional Work

Snatch Grip High Pull

Power Position Snatch

Hang Snatch


5 Second Pull Tempo Pull Squat Snatches


3 Rounds

2 50-Foot Shuttle Sprints

5 Burpees

5 Empty Bar Squat Snatch

:15 Strength

Every 1:30 Minutes for 12 Minutes (8 sets)

2 Tempo Pull Squat Snatches

Drop and reset between reps

> Starting no heavier than 50% of 1RM. May increase in weight each round.

:30 Review

Pistols and Scaling Options

Sumo Squat

Normal Squat

Narrow Squat

Pistol (starting from the bottom of a narrow squat, then extending one leg at a time and standing. Try both sides)

Traditional Pistol

*Athletes may grab the toes, use the rig for assistance, “toe tap” forwards, backwards etc., curtsy pistols etc. for scaling options.

~ :40 WOD

AMRAP 12 Minutes
10 Pistols
6 Farmer’s Carry Shuttles 50s/35s*
Rest :30

*Farmer’s Carry is performed in 50′ Shuttles

(25′ out 25′ back)

Pistols: Less Reps as low as 6 reps (based on skill level),
Goblet squats, Air Squats for beginners
Farmer’s Carry Shuttles: Lighter Weights, Smaller Shuttle distance
Target Score 5+ Rounds

:55 Cool Down