Monday November 30th

3 Rounds any machine
:30 Easy
:20 Moderate
:10 HARD
10 Power Position Squat Cleans
10 hang from the knee
10 Squat Cleans
*add weight to build to your workout out weight

Wod first today, then hit bench press or floor press after
10 Rounds
15/10 Calorie Bike or row
3 Bar Muscle Ups or ring, either is RX today
1 Squat Clean @ 80-90% (true 80 to 90 percent is rx)
Scaling: – Reduce bar muscle ups to allow for 1 set every time or burpee pull ups.

Floor or Bench Press 4×10 AHAP
As Heavy As Possible in this case means as heavy as possible while being able to control the bar, not bounce it off your chest, and complete the reps completely under control. NO MISSES. no re-racking, resting for a couple seconds then finishing out the set.