Monday May 18th

**We are opening Wednesday. You are more than welcome to continue working out from home until you are comfortable coming in, just contact us so we can accommodate that and continue our check ins.
**You need to download the Zen Planner ap to reserve your classes. No exceptions. There are 10 spots inside and 6 outside. If you show up without registering and all 16 registered spots are full you are out of luck. Currently you can register 5 days in advance but that will most likely switch to 3 days in advance from the feedback we are getting from other gyms. Although you might have the best intentions of showing up 5 days in a row, life happens, it’s better to plan a little shorter term.
**IF YOU REGISTER FOR CLASS AND CAN NOT MAKE IT TO CLASS YOU NEED TO CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION IN ZENPLANNER SO THE SPOT IS OPEN FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Don’t save spots just to save them and then “no show.” That is an inconsiderate action.
**The extra precautions we have in place take a couple extra minutes but make a big difference in keeping everyone safe and healthy. If you are unable or unwilling to adhere to the new guidelines you are making the choice not to attend classes.

The next two days of workouts will be at home bodyweight workouts while we are gathering equipment back up. Weights will be back in workouts on Wednesday and we will know who is continuing to workout from home and who is coming back to workout in the gym.

Warm up
10 Minute SLOW amrap
Run 200
10 Push ups
15 squats
20 Sit ups.

5 Minutes Amrap (fast pace)
Run 100
30 squat
20 sit ups

Rest 2 Minutes
5 Minute amrap
Run 100
25 squats
20 sit ups

Rest 2 Minutes
Run 100
20 Squats
20 sit ups

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