Monday March 7th


Monday March 7th

** Important reminder as we have a lot of new faces in the gym.
If you see something in the programming you can not do, DON’T SKIP THE GYM THAT DAY.
We will modify the movement and get you working toward the most difficult progression.
Not interested in learning hand stand walks or going upside down? That’s perfectly fine. We can still work on shoulder strength without doing that. There’s always something to work on.

20 A-frame Toe Touches
20 Scap Push Ups
AMRAP 4 Minutes
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings 53/35
8 Lateral Burpees over Kettlebell
:20 HS Hold


AMRAP 8 Minutes
30′ Handstand Walk*
Rest as needed
*Proficient athletes pirouette at 15′
For less proficient athletes:

EMOM 8 Minutes (Choose from below)
:30 Handstand walk practice
:30 Walk in to wall
3-5 Wall Walks
:30 Handstand Hold + Weight Shift
:20 second double DB presses with heavy DBS


AMRAP 5 Minutes
18 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55lbs
10 Lateral Bar Burpees
Rest 2:00
AMRAP 4 Minutes
15 SDLHP 75/55lbs
8 Lateral Bar Burpees
Rest 2:00
AMRAP 3 Minutes
12 SDLHP 75/55lbs
6 Lateral Bar Burpees


Feel: Gas

Pacing: Sustan

Target Score: 8-11 rounds

Firebreather Score: 12+ Rounds


  • SDLHP: Should allow for big sets with minimal rest between sets. If athletes cannot pull from the floor, Russian KB Swings are an excellent substitute.
  • Burpees: Pace should remain quick from start to finish, should not exceed :40 to complete in any round. De-conditioned athletes may require a slightly lower rep scheme (8-6-4 or 6-5-4 etc)

Coach Focus: We are looking for the pace to stay quick from start to finish so it is critical that coaches temper athlete’s egos to ensure they can perform big sets of SDLHP and consistent burpees. Lighter on the barbell is better today.