Monday March 5th

LAST OPEN Attempts 9-10am tomorrow. If you need to get in any other time make PT arrangements with a coach.

It’s time to TRAIN. You should not lose your gains during the open by repeating workouts 18 times. We are deadlifting today, not normal to do on monday here but we have to program around the open.

Warm up
3 sets each of 500m
non working partner do 20 good mornings with a pvc or or wall ball
THEN 2 Rounds
20 Weighted lunge walks
20 Push ups

-Grab a barĀ  AS A CLASS
3 Minutes Emom of 7 light light dead lifts

you have until 35 after the hour to build up to heavy set of 5 deadlifts.. not a 5 rep max…
How many sets will this take.. at least 5
If you finish early, hop on a bike and bike slow

Wod 1
10 Minutes
Even Minutes 7 Deadlifts 225/155 (this is 35 deadlifts at this weight, don’t be a hero.. if your back is round the coaches are taking weight off your bar)
Odd Minutes 12 HSPU or 15 Push ups
*if you cant complete the work in a minute this just turns into an AMRAP

Wod 2
6 Minutes
10 Cals on rower or bike
25 Double unders (50 singles or 15 double attempts)

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