Monday June 14th


Monday June 14th

We are going to start posting pacing and feel guidelines for each workout. Not all workout should be scaled the same. knowing what pace and what the workout should feel like should help you choose the right movements and weights. Here are the general guidelines.

Pacing: the intended overall pace at which the athletes should attempt to move through the workout. Paces include Forever, Sustain, Reach, and Send and are defined below. 

  • Forever: The pace at which the athlete could hold throughout the workout if it were an hour long AMRAP, long endurance event, or recovery piece. This pace is typically reserved for movements like running, rowing, biking, etc. where athletes switch from one pace to another, with “forever” being the place where athletes can recover the most.
  • Sustain: Considering the total volume of the workout, the pace that an athlete could stay at for the entire duration of the workout whether it is a continuous effort (metcon) or not -(interval). This pace is what we would expect in a medium-to-long workout where it doesn’t make sense to go faster than is sustainable, and a consistent pace should be held with no serious drop offs. Athletes should still push hard at the end to finish strong.
  • Reach: Considering the total volume of the workout, this pace is faster than the athlete would normally hold if the workout straight through. This pace will also usually apply to an interval style workout. For example, if the workout was: 3 rounds of 10 Clean and Jerks at 165/115lbs with a 1:00 rest after each set, a “Reach” pace indicates we want the athlete to perform those sets of 10 at a faster pace and/or with a different strategy (touch and go vs. singles) than if the workout were simply 30 Clean and Jerks For Time. Most of the time these workouts are shorter metcons or intervals. 
  • Send: this is a reckless pace aimed at improving an athletes highest output. Athletes should not consider the total volume of the workout, only the volume of the immediate task about to be performed. These workouts are typically very short, or repeated bouts of extremely high outputs like Assault Bike or row sprints. Send it.
    Feel: the intended stimulus, or how athletes should during and after the workout. Stimuli include Cardio, Gas, and Muscular Overload. 
  • Cardio: workout is written to allow for smooth unbroken movements and fast transitions. Weights and rep schemes should allow for continuous movement with the limiting factor being how the athlete chooses to push transitions without having to stop. When scaling, coaches should err on the side of lighter and/or smaller rep schemes to ensure athletes stay moving. 
  • Gas: workout written intentionally to push the athlete’s heart rate out of a comfortable range, forcing them to stop at some point due to cardiovascular overload. This is akin to the feeling of getting the wind knocked out of you and having to regain your breath. When scaling, coaches should scale athletes individually and ensure that there’s at least one place in the athlete’s workout that will push an athlete outside their comfort zone without stopping them completely. 
  • Muscular Overload: workout is intentionally written to create overloaded areas of musculature with specific sets of movements and  is aimed at trying to stop athletes with extreme muscular fatigue. When scaling, coaches should recognize that these workouts will already be written to create the stimulus and should still modify movements for athletes as needed (e.g. changing regular push ups to elevated or band assisted push ups). Gymnastics movements, particularly upper body ones will create this stimulus rather quickly. 

Warm up800m Run or 1K Row
2 Rounds
6 Push Ups
8/5 Cals
10 Jumping Lunges

Bench Press
5×5 AHAP
Build up, score in zen is best set of 5

Feel: Gas
Pacing: Reach Target Score: 4-9 Minutes
Firebreather Score: Sub-3:30 (you’ll need to sprint that first set of calories!)

For Time
21/12 AAB Calories
9 DB Push Presses 50/35s
15/10 AAB Calories
15 DB Push Presses 50/35s
9/8 AAB Calories
21 DB Push Presses 50/35s

you can use any machine for this
Want to row or ski, that’s not a bad option either

every 3 minutes for 15 minutes
10-30 pistols.. scaling is one legged squats to bench or box, do some version of a one legged squat