Monday June 13th

400m Warm-up weight DB Farmer’s Carry (Unbroken Challenge)
20 Spiderman Lunges
20 PVC Overhead Squats
Grab and empty bar and wait for coach to lead you through 10 reps of tempo power snath

EMOM 15 Minutes
1 Tempo Pull Power Snatch

For Time
20 DB Front Rack Lunges 50s/35s
200m DB Farmer’s Carry 50s/35s
20 DB Front Rack Lunges 50s/35s
200m DB Farmer’s Carry 50s/35s
20 DB Front Rack Lunges 50s/35s

Stimulus: Technique Rest: As Prescribed
Coach Focus: Tempo = technique. Coaches should use the slower pulling speed to teach their athletes how to move around the barbell correctly. We recommend coaches leading their athletes through 5-10 coach-led tempo reps to dial in their speed and the correct “check points” throughout the lift.

Feel: Muscle Overload Pacing: Reach
Target Score: 5-10 Minutes Firebreather Score: Sub 5 Minutes
–  Lunges: Should allow for first 20 reps unbroken, but later rounds may be 2-3
sets. Scale weight, not reps unless except for people just starting out in crossfit
–  Famers Carry: Should not exceed 2:30 in either set. Scale weight, not distance.
–  Athletes should use the same pair of DBs for both movements.
Coach Focus: Your athletes should be able to perform at minimum their first set of lunges unbroken. Athletes should also be encouraged to “jog” with their DBs, not just walk. Metcon will take between 5-10 minutes, but should not exceed 10 minutes for anyone.
Additional Notes/Resources: N/A

Competitor extra
10 Rounds of 4 unbroken muscle ups

Stimulus: Stamina Rest: As Needed
Target Score: Sub-10 Minutes Firebreather Score: Sub-5 Minutes
–  Muscle Ups: For athletes with muscle ups, but not 4 consistently, pick a number
between 1-3 that allows for repeated sets. For athletes without muscle ups today, focus on low ring transitions and practice 1-4 reps each time
Coach Focus: The goal for today is to refine your athletes turnover, so we recommend all athletes start on low rings before progression to higher rings. Efficiency in the kip, turnover and dip is what will allow athletes to remain consistent for all 10 sets. Once an athlete starts, hold them to their number that they picked even if it means the 10 sets are not finished in 10 minutes.
Additional Notes: Low Ring Muscle Up Skill Work

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