Monday July 19th

Retest week!
Time to see how much consistency in the gym you had over the past 7 weeks. The more you were here, the better the these retests will go

500m Row or 400m Run
2 Rounds
10 A-Frame Toe Touches
10 Box Jumps
100m Farmers Carry moderate-heavy
Then 20 Cossack Squats|

Restest from Monday June 7th
5 rep max sumo deadlift.
We have spent the last 5 weeks retooling the Sumo Deadlift, today is the showcase. Pump up the jams, get hyped, and pull a new 5RM

5 rounds for quality
10 Farmer’s Hold Lunges, Heavy (5 each leg)
10-20 Push Ups on DBs
12 toes to bar

8 rounds
10 seconds to reach max wattage on bike… then rest 1:50

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