Monday July 16th

Warm up-
5 Minute Bike Plus 30 Squat Therapy squats
Review the points of performance for a deadlift

Strength- 20 rep back squat day. Use your sheets, you should be 10 pounds higher than your starting weight as this is your third session.
Warm up with 40 and 50 perecent for 10 reps.. then attack those 20 reps to give your legs time to rest for this wod.
Watch the video. Scale appropriately please. Please do step ups if your legs are toasted. You can even sub  weighted step ups if you would rather not jump.

****This Wod is relatively short, take time after your squats to build up to your deadlift working weight.

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Box jumps

Men: 315 lb., 30-in. box
Women: 205 lb., 24-in. box

Scroll for scaling options.

CrossFit WOD 180111 Tips With David Tittle
The Deadlift
The Box Jump

Scaling this WOD
This couplet is a sprint. The deadlift should be heavy but nowhere near your max. The box should be high but not so high that you hesitate and/or rest between reps. Pick options that are challenging but don’t slow you down.

Intermediate Option
15-12-9 reps for time of:
Box jumps

Men: 275 lb., 30-in. box
Women: 185 lb., 24-in. box

Beginner Option
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Box jumps

Men: 155 lb., 20-in. box
Women: 105 lb., 16-in. box

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