Monday January 9th

Monday 1/9
Warm Up
2:00 of 4-way Banded Glute
Then 3 Steady Rounds
12 DB Front Rack Lateral Squats
10 Hip Extensions (or glute bridges if
GHDs are unavailable)
12 Jump Squats
10 Ring Rows

:15 Strength
Find a 5RM Back Squat
*build up slow, putting 225 on the bar to warm up for a 275 5 rep max is not slow.
*you dont have to do sets of building up. do sets of 2 or 3 until you are ready to go for it

:40 Skill Work
**Coaches to cover hollow hold progressions and pull up progressions prior to skill work**
Alt movements every minute
Strict Pull Ups
:30 Hollow Holds
Substitute any pulling movement (ring rows, bent over rows, etc).
If pulling is not safe due to an injury, a weighted push up or 5:00 Max rep
pushups would work well