Monday January 25th

Warm up
10 A-Frame Toe Touches
8 squat cleans
:30 Squat Hold
10 split or push jerks
10 Jump Squats

Take 10 minutes to build to your clean and jerk weight

Score is pass/no pass.
Pass is no misses on your clean and jerk at the correct percentage.
Every 5 Minutes for 30 Minutes
24/19 Cals on bike
3 Clean and Jerks @ 70-80%
*we are looking for about 2 minutes on the bike (or whatever machine you are using and 2 minutes to complete your clean and jerks giving you 1 minute or more of solid rest.
Bike piece is not meant to be a sprint, its a moderately fast sustained effort to fatigue you for a clean.
*Rower and ski equivalent is 400/500m