Monday January 18th

2 Rounds
20 Band Pull Aparts
10 Snatches from the shin
10 strict presses

A couple warm up sets then get into this
Strict press 3 set of 10

Wod 1- 2 scores today
10 Minute Amrap (minutes 0-10)
8 Bar facing power
4 Power snatches 135/95
Straight into
Wod 2
7 minutes to find 3 sets of 9 unbroken thrusters
** this does not say a 9 rep max, because it wont be a 9 rep max. You have 7 seven mintues to string 3 sets of 9 thrusters together. Your score is your weight of 3 consecutive sets. You wont get many shots to string 3 sets together. if you happen to do 135 at 9, 135 at 9 then miss, you would have to start over at a different lower weight and try for 3 more sets at that weight.
Strategy would be start with something you can do 9 of. If it feels heavy take a little weight off and try for 3 sets of 9 in those 7 minutes. If it feels really light add some weight and go for 3 sets at that weight….
If it you think you picked a good weight for your first set do 2 more sets of 9 at that weight and that weight is your score.