Monday January 11th

Warm up
3 rounds
9 cals
9 Scap push ups
9 kipping knee raises
3 wall walks

After your warm up, athletes that are able to walk on their hand will have 10 minutes to go for a max handstand walk attempt.
Others will practice the progressions towards a handstand walk or handstand push up
-Some have no desire to get upsidedown due to neck problems or simply not wanting to be upsidedown. No Problem. We are going to have you work on some strict pressing and static holds overhead.
*strict pressing option.
7 strict seated db pressses

4 sets of 9 overhead squats at a controlled weight and pace. This is not meant to be heavy, its meant to moderate weight that you can move fairly quickly. 9 reps, same quick speed. you found a max friday if you were here should be around 60 percent of that.

10 Rounds
10/8 Calorie Bike or row
8 Toes to Bar
-Target time, 9 to 16 minutes
Scaling:Bike Calories should take well under 1:00 each round, scale to ensure someone does not get stuck on the bike. A 200m run is a good
substitute – rowing/skiing is less favorable due to the grip requirement
but would be the same 10/7 calories.
Toes to bar should not be more than 3 sets at any point, ideally 1-2.
Scale to kipping knee raises