Monday February 8th

Warm up
Run 200
10 Pass Throughs
Run 200
20 Step Up
200 m run
10 Pass throughs

Strength- 3 sets of 15 overhead squats. 60 percent would be good but its ok to lower on the weights. 3 solid sets of 15. if you feel its more productive for you to do front squats.. do front squats. 3 sets of 15 at 50 percent.

AMRAP 8 Minutes
40 Push Presses 45/35
40 Empty Bar Barbell Step Ups 20/16″ (Stack plates for 16, bar can be backracked) Not comfortable doing this? use a DB for step ups.
40 Hand release push ups.
Max Rep Empty Bar Thrusters in the remaining time
**dropping an empty bar is a 5 burpee penalty

Push Press: Should be 3 sets or less
Step Ups: Should not exceed 3 minutes of work
Push Ups: Should not exceed 3 minutes of work

Target score is 40 or more thrusters.
Every athlete needs to have a version of this workout they can absolutely crush. The only thing that should slow athletes down is their fitness, not their weights or the movement. scaling is cool.

You will have time to practice handstand work after class. If you are starting to walk on your hands but only have a few steps practice that. If you are at holds, practice that. if you don’t want to go upside down do overhead carries (50m) with 2 dbs.