Monday February 26th

SUBMIT YOUR OPEN SCORE IF YOU ARE SIGNED UP. If  you need to still do “The Open” workout we will run heats from 9-10am. NO OPEN attempts during CrossFit class Hours. If you can’t make it between 9-10 arrange PT time with a coach.

Warm up-
Row 500
30 Air Squats while holding a 10 pound plate in front of you
30 DB overhead squats
20 Push ups
Grab a bar
4 Minute Emom
5 empty bar Front squats with a 2 second pause at the bottom

Front Squat
Work towards a 5 rep max..push yourself.

Buy In-
75 Double Unders- 150 singles
THen 4 rounds
20 Wall Balls
20 Hand Release push ups
20 Kettle Bell swings
Buy Out- 75 Double unders