Monday February 12th

Warm Up-
5 Minutes bike
30 Airsquats
30 Push Ups
15 Empty bar front squats with a 2 second hold at the bottom

Front Squats Work to 75 or 80 percents
*If you finish these before everyone, hop on a bike or rower… especially if you are doing the the 6 Week Open Challenge
Get equipment ready for the wod! Starting the clock at the start time on the board. No stalling or holding up class.

Wod- High intensity on both wods.. pick weights and movements you can do unbroken.
8 Minute Amrap
15KB Swings 70/55
25 Foot Handstand walk-   (Sub 8 HSPU OR 30 second handstand OR 12 Strict Dumbbell presses)

Rest 4 Minutes
8 Minute Amrap
8 Thrusters 95/65
8 Burpees over your bar