Monday February 10th

I pulled this explanation of how to attack your strength portions of workouts straight from the CrossFit mainsite as its the best summary I have seen in a long time.

Strength- Back squat 3-3-3-3-3
How should I approach this??? Read on my friends.

Let’s start the week strong! We are crosfitters, we love heavy squats. Today is a day for a proper, longer warm-up. Make sure you are sweaty, and your heart rate is high before getting to the barbell. Make sure your hips are open, your ankles are moving well, and your shoulders are loose. Today, no matter if you are a proficient squatter or if you are a beginner, your task is the same: to keep adding weight while mechanics are 👌. Today every set is heavy! Now, if your butt shoots up to the sky, your upper back rounds, or your knees and ankles are collapsing hard, that’s your body telling you: “you’ve made it, no need to keep going up.” That is it. If early on, you find a load that is challenging your form, deload to the previous weight. Then perform the rest of your sets at that intensity. Today is an excellent day to find your best movement and express it at a heavyweight. Find loads that allow you to do exactly that.

Warm up for these heavy squats!
3 Rounds
250 M Row
10 Glute Bridges
25 Feet spiderman lunges
25 Feet of 3 air squats plus 1 broad jump (hold last squat 3 seconds)
10 Bird dogs, 5 each side
30 seconds each leg of foam rolling
15 seconds of ankle stretches on the rig each ankle

Then grab a bar and start a movement specific warm up by performing 10-8-6-3-3-3…. Back squats while adding weight to the bar to work towards your first set of heavy 3.

Strength 5 sets of 3 heavy back squats
Scaling strength is easy if you are not comfortable going heavy.
do this 5 sets of 5 back squats
Scaling for injury is easy as well. In that case focus on high reps, light weight, and perfect mechanics.

**when your form or depth is compromised it time to take weight off and fix that.

*this strength can and will take some people the entire hour. that’s fine, if you have extra time here a fun wod

1000m Row for time-
*if you are not rolling off the side of the rower when you finish you attacked this wrong. This is an all out effort, drive through your legs as hard as you can and finish with a big pull in the arms. Long, smooth, powerful pulls!