Monday December 7th

Every 3 Minutes for 9 Minutes
2 Wall Climbs
12 Jumping Lunges
2-way wrist stretch
DB snatches in remaining time
*figure out which version of the handstand you are doing

Will take a few mintues to warm up to your clean weight for the wod

Wod First today
5 Rounds
25 foot HS Walk
20 Single DB Box Step Ups 24/20″ with 50 or 35
3 Power Cleans 205/140lbs
**Scaling: -HS Walk: may reduce distance to take no more than :45 per round, or substitute 2 Wall climbs for the HS walk or 5 handstand push ups, 5 handstand push ups off a box, or 7 double db seated press on your back
**In morning classes leave a lane down the back of the gym for handstand walks, be careful. Night classes, when Weightlifters are there, we can leave a lane down either side of the gym.

Power clean weight should be heavy and can be done as touch and go or as quick-moderate speed singles.

After wod work
4×12 (6/leg) S-Leg Double DB RDLs
*you will get out of these of RDLS exactly what you put into them. Treat this as a strength session rather than just going through the motions.