Monday August 2nd

Run 400m

Every :90 for 4:30
10 Burpees to 6” Target
8 Cossack Squats
In the remaining time hold the bottom of an OHS with an empty bar

All snatches in this sections are squat. If you can not snatch because of injury or mobility issues you can clean and jerk

Every :30 for 4 Minutes
1 Power Postion Snatch

Every Minute for 4 Minutes
1 Above The Knee Hang Snatch

Every Minute for 4 Minutes 1 Snatch, from the floor

Add weight each round


AMRAP 10 Minutes
8 S-arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk 50/35lbs *alternate arms each round
10 Cals bike, ski or row or run 200

Feel: Cardio
Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: the 6-10 Rounds
Firebreather Score: 11 Rounds

Dumbbell should be unbroken, no question about it. Cals should be around 45 seconds to a minute