Monday August 29th

Warm Up
AMRAP 6 Minutes
8 Ring Rows
6 Burpees to target
4 S-Arm Devils Press
200m Run
:10 Strength
Bench Press
Rest 2-3 Minutes
At 65-70% of 1RM

Athletes may want to warm up their MU after progressions
:30 dead hang in HOLLOW
5 Kip swings
5 Knees to Rig
5 Hips to rig
*Warm up BMU OR / THEN
hose doing RMU will transition to rings. Rings the sternum, Fast turn over at the top, Elbows tracing
body, pushing rings “in to pockets”.
Those unsure if they need to BMU or RMU will need to warm up BMU first.

:35 WOD
For Time
9 Burpee Muscle Ups
15 Devils Presses 50s/35s
300m Famers Carry 50s/35s
Sub 10 Minutes
15 Min Time Cap
Modification: Burpee RMU or Burpee BMU or Burpee Pull Ups (could be jumping PU, can stack plates to
assist with jump) or Burpee Ring row (last resort)

Cool down with the twisted cross stretch!