Monday August 24th

Warm up-
3 Rounds
10 Squat Therapy Reps, use a wall, SLOW. do these right. do not adjust normal squat stance to get closer to the wall. SLOW SLOW SLOW
Run 200 to shake it out.

Strength. We are reinforcing good positioning in the back squat today.
5 sets of 5 PAUSE back squat. Percentage of weight will really depend on form. I would guess on a set of 5 that most will be working below 75 percent on pause squats.
Here is what we are looking for.
Slow controlled decent until you are below parallel.

*here’s the hard part, 2 second hold at the bottom. When you start to come back up do NOT bounce out of the bottom or drop lower so you can get a little bounce out of the bottom. we will demonstrate. It’s a pause squat. Pause at the bottom and go straight back up.

5 Rounds
100 meter farmer carry
20 Push ups
16 db hang clean and jerk (finish 8 on one arm then 8 on the other) 70/50