Monday August 17th


Monday August 17th

Reminder- STAY APART from each other please. The spots listed on the reservations page are below what we could be operating at, but we don’t want to add a bunch of spots in “just because.” There’s a lot of moving around in Crossfit workouts so we want to keep a safe number of people in the room.

Warm up-3 Rounds
10 Empty Bar Front squats
10 Push ups
5 pull ups

Strength- after a few weeks of lower reps, higher weights and some max outs it’s time for lower weights and higher reps. time to work on all parts of your lift to retest in a few weeks. concentrate on positions. on these holds, hold it at the bottom and shoot back up with no bounce

Tempo front squats, 5 sets of 5. 3 seconds down, 1 second hold, shoot back up

5 Rounds for time
12 Pistols, 6 each leg (everyone do some form of a legged squat unless injured. one leg to a bench or another option a coach will show you
10 hand release push ups
12 Alternating DB snatches 70/50 (fairly low rep number, maybe time to try a heavier weight than normal if you have been wanting to)
10 hand release push ups

*yes 2 sets of hand release push ups per round