Monday April 5th

New phase of training starts today. 2 weeks of testing then we start baseline training
Baseline Testing Weeks – these two weeks will consist of over 10 CrossFit and Misfit Benchmarks intended to provide athletes with the ability to re-test (or test for the first time) old benchmarks and see how their fitness has progressed. These are not the test weeks for Training Phase 1 (starting in 2 weeks) but instead a reset following the Open so athletes are starting with a clean slate of information they can use for the upcoming training year.

Warm up
3 Rounds
10 cals bike
10 Push Ups
10 jumping lunges

*there are 8 bikes and classes of 16, this is not a crisis situation. half go on bench, half go on bike.
Take 15 Minutes to build to 1 rep max bench

Bike test ***STRICT 10 minute cap. If you time cap your score is your calories
100/80 cals for time

Extra work-
-Work pull ups progression
-work chest to bars
-work on bar muscle up transitions
-Or go for 30 ring MU for time

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