Monday 10/24

A $25 Rogue Gift Card will be given away in every class today

Warm Up

50-foot Crab Walk

20 Spiderman Lunges

20 A-frame Toe Touches

50-foot Bear Crawl

:10 Skill

Arch and Hollow Positions

:30 hollow hold with feet tucked in and arms reaching forward toward feet
:30 sec hollow hold bringing knees toward chest arms still extended
:30 sec hollow hold with legs extended straight up
:30 sec hollow hold while slowly transitioning to legs and arms extended fully
:30 arch hold

Beat Swings and then some! (Can’t pull up yet? Do beat swings and work on positions)

10 Beat Swings

(3 sets) 2 Beat Swings + Pull Up (Chin over bar or as high as you can pull)

(3 sets) 2 Beat Swings + Chest to Bar (Or as high as you can go)

(3 Sets) 2 Beat Swings + BMU

Remember your LAT activation. Actively push down on the bar in your hollow.

Maintain STRAIGHT legs in both the Arch and Hollow

:30 WOD

Mystery Workout!

4 rounds

1 minute max reps of a pulling movement

1 minute max reps of a barbell movement

1 minute max reps of a pushing movement

1 minute rest