Friday October 20th

We will gradually be switching over to all punch cards for food and beverage. It saves you .50 cents an item on most items and saves time especially with the spotty wifi in the building if you are trying to pay by card. Punch cards are the desk in the black box. Get your item, check a box off… fast and easy and money saving.

Warm Up

800 M sandbag run with a pal
40 Good Mornings
2 Minutes each leg of couch stretch

DeadLift- 5 sets of 3 if you are going heavy, 5 sets of 7 if you are going a little lighter today
do three sets to warm up to your first working set
working set should be at about 80 percent and go up if you feel good

Wod- 20 minute Amrap… say goodbye to your legs and shoulders and grip

50 Meter Walking Lunge with a plate overhead (45/25)
12 snatches 95/65 (If you havent been hook gripping you are going to want to today) -beginners do dumbbell snatches (14) if you want or KB swings
100 meter farmer carry with dumbbells or kettle bells