Friday May 14th

Fun day today. WARM UP your sprints. never ever sprint without some kind of warm up

Every :90 for 4:30
10 Cossack Squats
10 Jumping Back Squats
10 Reverse Lunges
1:00 Leg Swing, Right Leg
1:00 Leg Swing, Left Leg
3 Rounds
40yd “Flying sprint”
R1: 30yd building in speed, 10yd sprint
R2: 20yd building in speed, 20yd sprint
R3: 10yd building in speed, 30yd sprint

Now that we are in week 4 of POST ACTIVATION POTENTIATION you will notice that there are multiple single reps that we are asking for. By this point in the phase, athletes should have calibrated their squatting weights and should be encouraged to build to a near maximal single by the end of the set if everything is feeling good. If athletes feel good they may push for a very heavy single or new 1RM, however we want to limit the number of failed reps. There will be more opportunities to get a new 1RM, so today is better suited to making all of their lifts.

Back Squat
After each set, sprint 40 yards.
Rest 4-5 minutes between sets of squats.
Start at 80% or heavier and build each set. Goal: both singles are in the 90-100%+ range (may go for 1RM if it feels good).

After each set, instruct athletes to be as explosive/fast as they can with the 40yd sprint, we are looking for maximal speed. This sprint does not need to be done so shortly after an athlete squats that they cannot swap out their weightlifting shoes for something a little easier to run in. Athletes can hit their squat, change their shoes, then sprint, then rest for their next set.

For athletes who are unable to sprint without risk of injury, a short machine sprint (~:10 on a bike, no rower or ski erg) would also be effective.