Friday March 20th

Warm Up:
800m Run
30 High knees
30 Butt kicks
20 spiderman lunges
10 Paces of Sampson stretch

Hang Power Clean with barbell or dumbells
Bar Facing Burpee (No Push Up Burpee Also Allowed)

At Home Version:
If you have the equipment available go through as it’s written but change the burpees to lateral bar over burpees to save space.
If you have no equipment find something in your house to put weight in. a backpack, heavy ball, a sandbag left over from hurricane season and perfrom cleans with that.

After this wod, complete the accessory work.

**Accessory Work**

WOD 1:
“Death by”
10m Shuttle sprint
*run a 10m print (30 feet, about a driveway length) every minute on the minute. add 10 meters every round.

WOD 2:
Hand release push ups