Friday June 7th

Run on time today, no dilly dallying. A lot of work to do
Warm up
100m Run
10 Push Ups
10 PVC OHS In Rig Slow and controlled
10 PVC Around The Worlds

Strength warm up-
3 rounds, 1 fast round together 2 on your own
7 Snatch grip high pulls
7 Power position power snatch
7 Hang position power snatches
7 Shin position full snatches

ST: Snatch
EMOM 15Min 1 REP EACH MINUTE, rest is also a minute, have your weights ready, you can share a bar if you want since its only 1 rep per minute.
60% 65% 70% REST 65% 70% 75% REST 70% 75% 80% Rest 75% 80% 85%

Wod – Partner wod
4 Rounds
40 Floor Bench press (RX-135/95 INT-115/85 Int2-105/75) *floor press if there are no benches available
30 Pull Ups
400m Run Together

****This is a partner Wod so you can spot your partner benching. Break the bench up evenly between the two of you!