Friday July 5th

Warm up:
6 Minute partner bike and plank hole
Partner 1 bikes for a minute
Parnter 2 hold plank as long as possible.

Grab a bar-
Go through this warm up with empty bar then slowly add weight to get to your starting weight. GET YOUR WEIGHTS READY FOR THE WOD.
15 Empty bar clean and jerk from the shin
15 empty bar snatches
15 empty bar thrusters

SCALE AS NEEDED- We will have several scaling options available based on your mile run time… if you are not running we will change it to a row.
0-10:00 1 Mile Run then Max C&J 135/95
REST 3 MIN 14:00-21:00
800m Run then Max Power Snatches 115/80
REST 3 MINS 24:00-28:00
400m Run then Max Thursters 95/65