Friday January 5th

8:00 minutes, For Quality
5/5 World’s Greatest Stretch
10 Bird Dogs w/knee tuck
10 steps each way banded glute activation
10 Jumping squats
10 Barbell Behind The Neck Strict Presses (Split Jerk Position)

We will give you some time to warm up to your first set weight then
Strength: Front Squat
10 minute EMOM
3 reps
Minutes 1-3: 65%
Minutes 4-6: 67%
Minutes 7-8: 70%
Minutes 9-10: 72%
Percentages are based on your 1-rep max Front Squat

10 minute AMRAP
12/9 Calorie Row
3-4-5-6-7 etc.
Bar Muscle-Ups
Thrusters @ 135/95lb

Some scaling options are below. If you have a few muscle ups do them until you miss then switch to burpee pull ups right away for that set. This is only a 10 minute wod. we want you to keep moving. Or start your bar muscle ups at 1, then next round 2, an so on.

10 minute AMRAP
12/9 Calorie Row
3-4-5-6-7 etc.
Burpee Pull-Ups
Thrusters @ 95/65lb
10 minute AMRAP
10/8 Calorie Row
3-4-5-6-7 etc.
Burpee Jumping Pull-Ups
Thrusters @ 75/55lb

Primary Objective: Get through the round of 7 reps
Secondary Objective: Unbroken Thrusters
Stimulus: Leg & Shoulder Stamina
Each round, you will add 1 rep to both the Bar Muscle-Ups & Thrusters until the 10 minute
time window expires. The goal is to get into the round of 7 reps today. On the Thruster
load, the desired weight should be towards the heavier side however, for most sets you
should be able to go unbroken. This is the same expectation on the Bar Muscle-Ups. So if
you can do the prescribed movement, we suggest starting at a smaller number and then
increasing from there.