Friday January 19th

Client Appreciation Night Tonight. Come out for some food and the dopest free shirt

5am, 6am, 9am 10am will be regular class structure. 4 to 7pm we will run several heats of this workout but it will be a little less structured than a regular class

Warm up

2:00 minute Cardio Choice
3 Rounds
10 Scapular Pull-Ups
5/5 Single Arm Ring Row @ 30×1 Tempo
10 Banded Face Pulls
3 Rounds
Bar Shapes : Neutral Hang + Hollow Hang + Neutral Hang + Arch Hang
Hold each position for 3-5 seconds
Rest as needed between each set through

we will take 10 minutes to go through some pull up and bar muscle up progression work

3 Rounds:
15 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
15 Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35lb, (22.5/16kg)
15 Burpees to Target
1:00 rest between rounds
-Directly into
3 Rounds:
8 Bar Muscle-Ups
8 Dual Dumbbell Ground to Overhead, 50/35lb, (22.5/16kg)
8 Box Jump Overs 24/20”
1:00 minute rest between rounds
Score: Total Time Including Rest

25 minute cap
If you don’t have pull ups or bar muscle up we will scale by doing banded pull ups the first 3 rounds, or ring rows, then burpee jumping pull ups the second round
Banded bar muscle ups or a lower number of bar muscle are fine as well for the muscle up section.

Time Domain: 16:00-20:00 minutes
Time Cap: 25:00 minutes
Primary Objective: Complete each set of 3 rounds in under 10:00 minutes
Secondary Objective: Focus on a movement you have a particular challenge with and plan
to hit that with intensity, intent and planning of breaks to keep the other movements flowing

The workout today has a solid dose of intensity and challenge with some volume that
should challenge even our best athletes. Due to that, we should really talk about the best
approach to tackle this workout. Even though this looks like a two part workout, it really is
a flowy 6 round workout with 1:00 minute rest between rounds and movements that
increase in challenge, but decrease in reps. The focus should be to keep each movement
to be completed within the minute which will ensure that the workout is completed in the
20:00 minute frame. We have extended the time cap to 25:00 minutes, with the caveat that
if we modify and tackle the targeted stimulus we should have no athletes reach 25:00