Friday February 7th


Friday February 7th

Ready for a fun one? Hope your legs aren’t too sore from yesterday!
Warm up-
5 minutes of run bike or row
Then 3 rounds of
10 air squats, 200m run

Take 10 minutes to review the med ball clean

3 rounds for time
50 med ball cleans 30/20
800m run
*scaled versions will be 2 rounds
*if you aren’t currently running sub out an 800 m row

Accessory work- choose 1
1000m row for time
or 60/50 cal bike for time

Coaches notes. Watch the video closely to prepare for these med ball clean. Yes you will have time practice. This wod is not a sprint, its going to take awhile. Stick with it an chip away. Pick a med ball that you can get sets of 10 to start out with. By the 3rd round those sets will probably be fast sets of 5. Don’t get caught up in “rx-ing” it. quality reps at a steady pace.