Friday February 23

Weightlifting warm up

Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Squat Clean
Every 90 seconds, 8 Sets
1+1+2 @ 70-75%
That means 1 power clean, 1 hand power clean, 2 squat cleans from the floor

After the strength we will go over some muscle up progressions to give you a chance to find what movement you will be using for the workout.

6 Rounds for Time
4 Ring Muscle-Ups *scale by reps or movent, bar MU are an option
8 Power Cleans 135/95lb, (61/43kg)
12 Wall Balls 20/14lb, (9/6kg) , 10/9ft
Rest 1:00 minute between rounds

Lot’s of way to scale today. Remember when you see muscle ups in a workout… DON’T SKIP. there are subs for everything and there are far more people that CAN’T do muscle ups than can. We just write the toughest version of the workout on the board as a reference point for most people to scale back from

Time Domain: 1:30-2:00 / Set
Time Cap: 20:00 minutes
Primary Objective: Complete each round in 2:00 minutes or less
Secondary Objective: Consistent pace or slightly descending across all 6 rounds

Ring Muscle-Up

  • For the Ring Muscle-Up, focus on engaging your lats effectively. The movement should be initiated by transitioning from an arch to a hollow body position, which helps in driving your hips toward the rings. As you do this, simultaneously pull your feet back under your body, facilitating the motion to propel your torso above the rings. This technique is key to achieving a smooth and efficient muscle-up.
  • If you need to modify the exercise, there are several alternatives. One option is to practice Low Ring Banded Ring Muscle-Ups, which provides assistance and reduces the body weight you need to lift. Another variation is the Box Transition Ring Muscle-Up, which allows you to work on the transition phase of the muscle-up with your feet on a box, reducing the intensity. Alternatively, you can focus on building foundational
    strength through a combination of strict pull-ups and strict dips or Toenail Spot Pull-Ups and Push-Ups.These exercises strengthen the muscles required for the muscle-up while offering a more manageable progression.