Wednesday September 14th

Wednesday 9/14
Warm Up
250M Row
10 Shoulder Swimmers
10 Scap Pull-Ups
THEN Coach Lead Review
6-8 Bench Dips (Allowing the shoulder to drop lower than the elbows)
:30 Support Hold on Rings
6-8 Ring Dips (banded, toe/leg drive assisted, jumping)
:15 Skill
4 Rounds
1:00 Max sets of 3-5 Ring Dips
Rest 2:00
For Athletes unable to ring dip:
Paralette Dips
Bench Dips
Push Ups

:35 Snatch Review
5 Snatch grab high pull (power position)
5 Snatches (power position)
5 Hang Snatch
5 Snatch (shin)
*Engage shoulders and lats! Pull each end of the bar away from each other. *

:40 WOD
6 Power Snatches 95/65lbs
12 Body Weight Walking Lunge Steps
Power Snatches: One Set
Lunges: 30 seconds
Target Score: 5+ Rounds

Feel: Cardio
Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 5+ Rounds
Firebreather Score: 8+ Rounds (faster than EMOM pace)

  • Power Snatch: Should always remain 1 set. Scale weight to ensure 1 set. For
    athletes with issues pulling from the floor, scale to hang power snatches. If
    overhead movements perform an issue, perform a power clean.
  • Lunges: Should not exceed :30 to complete 12 lunges. Reduce lunges only if
    absolutely necessary (brand new athletes/deconditioned athletes)
    Coach Focus: The stimulus of today’s workout must be communicated to your
    athletes correctly. Athletes need to have a barbell weight they will always be able
    to perform in 1 set without much hesitation to start each round. The goal is a back
    and forth, where your athletes output is determined by how quickly they transition
    back and forth between movements. If you (the coach) are in doubt, scale the
    weight back and allow an athlete to notch more rounds vs. fewer.

:55 Cool Down
Twisted Cross
Childs Pose