Wednesday October 31st


Wednesday October 31st

Happy Halloween! Morning classes will be run normally…. Generally there is nobody at that night classes on Halloween so it will be open gym from 4 to 7, you are more than welcome to do the wod. At 7 will be a long cardio fit class wod. THere is no mobility class tomorrow.


Warm up-
3 Rounds
Bike 10 calories
25 OHS with a pvc
24 Pass throughs
Grab a bar
0-2 Minutes 10 Power Position Snatch Grip High Pulls
2-4 Minutes 10 Power Position Power Snatches
4-6 Minutes 8 Hang Position Power Snatches
6-8 minutes 8 Overhead squats
8-10 Minutes 6 From the shin full or power snatch… TRY TO SQUAT

20 Minutes to build to one rep max snatch


Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: This was an Age Group Qualifier in last years open but it was only 5 minutes. we are doing 10 minutes. Pick a weight you can go extremely fast with
9 handstand push-ups
6 burpees
3 snatches

Men: 165 lb.
Women: 115 lb.

Scroll for scaling options.
Post rounds completed to comments.

CrossFit WOD 180422 Tips With Pat Sherwood
The Kipping Handstand Push-Up

This AMRAP is short and fast. Reduce reps and modify the handstand push-ups so you need little to no rest during each set. For this workout, it’s better to pick an option that is too easy, allowing you to keep moving and get many rounds, than to pick an option that slows you down and pins you on one movement.

Intermediate Option
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
12 push ups or 12 dumbbell presses
6 burpees
3 snatches

Pick a snatch weight that you can do 3 fast singles or 3 fast touch and go.